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Onshore & Offshore Modular Installations

Worldoils can provide client specific Single-lift and Modular E-houses, Living Quarters and Multi-purpose buildings being supplied to the onshore and offshore Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries.

All our modular buildings and cabins are designed for the rapidly expanding use of standalone, linkable and stackable designs as a ‘fast-track’ and ‘cost-effective’ solution to previously used single lift, larger type modules and can be easily transported either offshore or onshore using conventional modes of transportation with final assembly at site.

Our single-lift modules of 50 – 1000+ tons are designed to be loaded out directly onto marine transportation vessels from our local Malaysian loadout facility.
The buildings are also designed and manufactured to either recognized Certifying Authority designs such as DNV, ABS etc., the clients own design or our own AOS designs that include lightweight designed buildings. 

In support of the above mentioned core products, we also provide Fire and Blast rated walls, Aluminium Helidecks and Aluminium structures and also supply and installation of Architectural materials that includes typically Fire doors, fire rated internal partition walls, ceilings, windows and also all typical offshore furnishings such as flooring systems, furniture’s, Mess and Galley equipment and Living Quarter appliances.

Worldoils also supports our manufacturing capability by providing onshore and offshore installation and hook-up services for our modules.

Single Lift and Modular E-Houses
Offshore Living Quarters &
Multi-Purpose Buildings
Modular Office Buildings and Cabins

Offshore E-House

Living Quarters

Double Storey E-House

Onshore E-House

Offshore Living Quarters

Modular Living Quarters
Product Types

Onshore & Offshore E-Houses

Double Storey E-Houses
Living Quarters

Single Lift Modular Units

40 Man Living Quarters

80 Man Living Quarters
200 Man Living Quarters
Multi-Purpose Buildings

Typical Multi Purpose Module

Multi Purpose Module 1

Multi Purpose Module 2