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Single Lift Modular Units

Our Living Quarter Designs

Worldoils can provide client specific Modular and Single-lift living quarters, manufactured in full compliance with relevant Certifying Authority or Company specific specifications.

Our Modular Living Quarters are designed as either ‘stand-alone’ or ‘linkable and stackable’ to ensure they fully maximize the footprint spaces available on either offshore platforms, drilling support or marine types of vessels.

They can also be designed to be installed onto large base-support beams and “Single-lifted’ onto final location. 
(Please click on to ‘Typical layouts’ for more Living Quarters examples)

The Modular and Single-lift design options can include for any configuration from 2 persons up to 250+ persons.

The modular design concept also allows the client to utilise existing offshore platform cranes for installation, in preference to the leasing of ‘heavy-lift’ crane barges. This provides the client with obvious ‘cost-benefits’ and allows installations to be performed on a year-round basis.

Our sleeper modules can be designed for any configuration from 2 man up to 12 men per module with either en-suite shower rooms which fully utilise floor space and comply to our clients or Certifying Authority requirements.

Although typically designed and built for installation in a safe area the modules and cabins can also be designed for use in Zone 2 Hazardous Areas.

Typical Living Quarter’s modules can be designed as follows:

• Bedroom cabins with en-suite shower/toilets
• Mess rooms
• Galley
• Recreation rooms
• Locker rooms
• Offices or meeting rooms
• Laundry rooms
• Shower and toilet facilities